Your embosser was created using Delrin. Delrin is a light-weight, rigid, wear resistant type of plastic. Your embosser should only be used to emboss one sheet of standard weight paper at a time. Using your embosser on multiple sheets at a time or on other materials (such as mylar) may cause your embosser insert to bend or bow which is not covered under our guarantee.

Your desk, long reach and extra long reach embosser was shipped assembled and ready to use. Simply insert your single sheet of paper in between the dies and press down on the handle using light to moderate pressure. If you find your impression was not crisp and clear, try applying a little more pressure. Always make sure your embosser insert is seated properly before using it.

Your compact embosser needs to be assembled before use. After removing the embosser from the case, you must insert the die holder into place before use. The images below show how to correctly do this

To make in impression, insert your paper and squeeze. Make sure the rectangular notches on the bottom of the die holder are seated in place before using your embosser to avoid bending your insert.

How to assemble your embosser